Core Beliefs

One cannot achieve optimal health if their nervous systems are not functioning optimally.  The nervous system can only function optimally if the spine is in perfect alignment from the front and side.  90% of the brain’s energy is used to relate the physically body to gravity, 10% is used for thinking, healing and metabolism (body function)).   Dr. Roger Sperry who is a Nobel Prize recipient for brain research said, “If one is posturally distorted, that person constantly robs from the small 10% of life that determines our health.  With our lifestyle stressors today (chemical, physical & emotional), chiropractic adjustments are essential to maintain a healthy spine and nerve system. We are literally created and re-created from the inside-out.  Humans are a spiritual entity being physically manifested in space and time.  The nervous system is the physical vehicle which creates and controls (animates) the entirety of the individual.  We are a product of our nervous systems blueprint.  When there exists a clear connection form brain to body and body to brain, this is when people are healthy from the inside.  Any interference to the nervous system will reduce the person’s ability to be at 100% in cell regeneration, healing and function.  Sickness is only a result of a lack of healing or health over time.  Your SPINE AND NERVOUS SYSTEM, above all, determines your health.  Your lifestyle habits, how you eat, move, think are only stressors to the body.  How the body responds to stressors is through the nervous system because it carries the intelligence of the individual.  If the nervous system is healthy, one can adapt well to great stressors.  If the nervous system is unhealthy, one can’t adapt well to small stressors, thus, leading the individual toward sickness, illness and a premature death.  Please don’t misinterpret us here.  We certainly advocate healthy lifestyle habits as too, but know by caring for thousands of people that it is secondary to a healthy spine and nervous system.

Through educational opportunities, like this website, our weekly Family Wellness Workshops and Family Wellness Workouts, we are here to help guide people on their journey towards Optimal Health. Our desire is to see people adopt and embrace the inside-out wellness care model of health and the wellness paradigm instead of waiting for symptoms and then treating the effects of them. There are NO consequence free choices…ever! Countless scientific studies have proven that every choice you make either moves you towards sickness or towards health. Lifetime Family Wellness Centers has created a comprehensive wellness program based on the wellness paradigm. Our expertise and experience is helping people easily implement long-lasting, congruent, healthy, lifestyle changes progressively for maximum results.

We know that every choice we make today manifests as our reality tomorrow. We value health and happiness over wealth and prosperity, but believe you can have them all. We know that healthy people would rather prevent than treat, and know that staying well is something earned by education and implementation. We believe you heal as a whole person from the inside out (body, soul & spirit) and are more than a list of symptoms that need to be treated. You are the wonder of all creation wanting to become WHOLE! We believe in helping people actualize this desire..

We are proud to provide the public with the highest quality service available. All of our doctors are highly trained, skilled and motivated to help each patient move towards Optimal Health and Healing.


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  • "I finally feel free, after all these years of living with migraines, numbness in my arms and terrible digestive problems. I am free from the symptoms of whiplash caused when I was eight and I am on my way to optimal health. Thank you Wong Family Chiropractic!"
    Kammy C.