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  • Paradigm Shift for the New Year
    ~Paradigm Shift for the New Year By: Dr. Caroline Clukey January 2016   We live in medical paradigm. People wait for the first sign or symptom to show up and think that is the Read more
  • The Greatest Gift this Holiday Season
    ~The Greatest Gift this Holiday Season By: Dr. Caroline Clukey November 2015 The gift of….health:) First and foremost- what is health? We live in a world where people base their health on how Read more
  • Positive Focus
    ~Positive Focus By: Dr. Bruce Wong July 2015 There are few subjects in life more important than the one I will discuss in today’s blog, Positive Focus.  Positive Focus is moving towards what Read more
  • Conspiracies and the affects they have on our Health
    Conspiracies and the affects they have on our Health By: Dr. Bruce Wong Being an ‘alternative’ health practitioner for 26 years now has given me direct insight to the vast and deep Read more
  • Medical Conspiracy
    Medical Conspiracy Most people in the Western world are completely unaware of that there exists a medical conspiracy that controls our healthcare system today.  The agenda of the medical conspiracy is Read more
  • Where is your head?
    ~Where is your head? FHP also known as Forward Head Posture is detrimental to human health.  This postural abnormality is extremely common in today’s society; however, it is pathologically abnormal in Read more
  • Post Title
    The Best Present By: Dr. Bruce Wong What is the absolute best present you could ever give someone?  That depends on evaluating the most important thing in your life.  There is no Read more
  • Eat for Life (3 free healthy recipes)
    On August 5th Lifetime Family Wellness Centers held an ‘Eat for Life’ workshop.  The workshop was well attended due to the biological fact that Hawaii people have a gene that Read more
  • Digestive Problems
    Digestive Problems According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a staggering "75% of people taking conventional treatments for digestive problems CONTINUE TO EXPERIENCE SYMPTOMS" - as often as 3 or Read more
  • The Measure of Health
    6-11-2014     The Measure of Health The one question I always ask my patients in their initial consultation is: “How do you know if you’re healthy?”  The answers are always the same.  The Read more
  • Health 101
    Health 101 May 22, 2014 In my 26 years of practice, it is amazing how much I understand why humans are sick and diseased, but I am truly blessed with a Read more
  • The Puropose of A Chiropractic Adjustment
    Before we discuss the purpose of a Chiropractic Adjustment, let’s take care of some housekeeping and define what a Chiropractic Adjustment is first. A Chiropractic Adjustment is a gentle and specific Read more
  • Food Demo 2013
    October 22nd, 2013 Aloha Family and Friends of Lifetime Family Wellness Centers, Back in August 2013 we were fortunate to have Dr. Bruce Wong conduct an amazing and informative ‘FOOD DEMONSTRATION’ workshop. Read more


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  • "I finally feel free, after all these years of living with migraines, numbness in my arms and terrible digestive problems. I am free from the symptoms of whiplash caused when I was eight and I am on my way to optimal health. Thank you Wong Family Chiropractic!"
    Kammy C.