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~Positive Focus
By: Dr. Bruce Wong
July 2015

There are few subjects in life more important than the one I will discuss in today’s blog, Positive Focus.  Positive Focus is moving towards what you want versus moving away from the things you don’t want.  I know some people may be thinking what’s the big deal?  Don’t they both get you to the same place?  Wrong, they are emphatically different and truth be told, you’ll get the opposite results from either.  The fact is your future success and happiness is predicated on applying Positive Focus correctly in your life.  Therefore, I thank you for reading this Blog and allowing me the honor to help you find a better way to increase and maximize your life’s potential!

When I was young my parents did the very best they could in raising my two siblings and myself.  I was extremely fortunate to have two unusually loving parents, both mom and dad.  I think it’s pretty self-evident of a mother’s love towards their children, but a father’s affection towards his children is fleetingly rare. 

To give you an idea of my father’s affection towards me, let me share a brief but powerful story:

When I was growing up, my father would attend every soccer game I played.  When I say every game, I mean every game.  He was my biggest fan!   When I was in Chiropractic College, I took up a game I thought I would never play, golf.  I got addicted to golf and excelled at the game pretty quickly.  When I returned back to Oahu after college, I entered competitive amateur golf tournaments.  Competitive golf tournaments are typically 4 days in a row and each day of golf can take up to 6 hours.  Guess who followed me around for the entire tournament.  You guessed it, my dad. 
In 1990, I entered the Hickam Amateur Golf Tournament and after three grueling days was 2 shots out of the lead.   My father attended the first three days but was unable to attend Sunday’s final round because he had to attend a wedding. 

I ended up winning the tournament, but that’s not why I’m telling this story.  It’s when I get home after winning the trophy is when you’ll see the point I’m attempting to make.   In case you’re wondering, yes, I was still living with mom and dad at the age of 27.

Getting back to the story: I enter the back door to my house, and as a door makes it usual sound in closing, my dad jumps out of his lazy boy and peers down the long hall as I walk towards him in anticipation with what had happened earlier that day.  As I am walking down the hall, I have my head looking down with the trophy behind my back.  When I am a 5 feet from my dad, I take the trophy from behind my back and that’s when chaos happened.  My father came towards me picked me up in his arms twirled me around all the while shouting for joy.  Showing his love for me, my father was definitely happier about me winning than I was!  Customarily, when fathers pick up their sons and twirl them around the kids are about 3 years old to maybe about 9 or 10.  I was 27, enough said.

Getting back to Positive Focus: Despite having loving parents, correction of wrongdoing was mainstream like in most homes.  “Bruce, don’t do that.”  “Bruce, you shouldn’t do that!”  “No Bruce that’s wrong.”  “Bruce, stop that right now.”  Bruce, I told you not to do that!  Go in your room, you need some discipline.”  Yikes!

Here’s the application to Positive Focus as a parent:
“Bruce, great job, here is the way daddy wants you to do it the next time.  Bruce, that’s was pretty good, but here is the perfect way mommy would do it if she was you.  If every opportunity I had growing up (learning) turned into what could I do best the next time, my thoughts would be looking into the future with Positive Focus.  My mindset would become…’What is the best thing I can do?’  If I am always looking with a Positive Focus lens on, the desires of my heart and dreams will come to pass.

I recommend you do is the following:
1. Write down what the perfect life for you would be right now.
2. As you write down your perfect life, keep this stipulation in mind:  You have no time or money barriers.  Put it this way you have all the money and time in the world.
3. Take your time and be as detailed as possible.  You want to be able to envision the perfect life so clearly you can not only see it but also taste it.
4. Tell the people closest to you about the perfect life you dream of and when you are ready, tell everyone else around you.

Here is the critical factor in telling people about your ‘New Life’.  When one speaks, he or she creates.  God created the entire universe with the spoken word.  Life and death is in the power of the tongue, the bible says.  Are you speaking things you want or don’t want?  This is the invaluable lesson of Positive Focus.

In the end when you live within Positive Focus it helps you to see love instead of fear, abundance versus lack, joy instead of sadness, calmness over confusion, good versus bad and life instead of death.  I pray you choose life!


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