Your Second Visit

After an informative educational presentation, a doctor will meet with you individually and you will receive a report of findings based on your exam findings.  If the doctors feel they can help you, your case will be accepted and you will receive your first adjustment.

Explanation/Report of Findings/Recommendations

You will be given a complete report of findings after the doctors have studied your health history and clinical examination. You will receive education about your spine, nervous system and specific findings relative to postural imbalances. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of any problems present. You will also receive our best recommendations for care. Our recommendations will vary according to the subluxations present, your phase of degeneration, current health, and health history.  Our most cost effective financial programs will be explained at this time.

First Adjustment

After you have received your report and the doctor has answered all your questions, your first Chiropractic adjustment will be given (if appropriate). Because we are certified in a variety of adjusting techniques, we will choose the most effective approach to enhance your comfort and your results.

Family Policy

Lifetime Family Wellness Center is a family practice and we feel honored to be chosen as your family chiropractor. Since many spinal conditions can be familial, undetected or even caused by the birth process itself, it is important that family members of our patients also be checked for vertebral subluxation. Many conditions that adults suffer from were present when they were children. Chiropractic is safe and effective for kids too! Early detection and correction prevents problems that spinal subluxations can cause if left undetected and uncorrected.


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  • "I finally feel free, after all these years of living with migraines, numbness in my arms and terrible digestive problems. I am free from the symptoms of whiplash caused when I was eight and I am on my way to optimal health. Thank you Wong Family Chiropractic!"
    Kammy C.